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We’re global commerce experts, delivering Retail Media excellence and supporting services. We’re proud to have more than 350 commerce experts amongst our team of 2500 performance marketing specialists. You’ll find us in 48 countries around the world, so wherever you are, we are.

Brands Are Experiencing Growing Pains

Retail Media has been called the third wave of digital advertising due to the growth potential it offers for brands. However, there are considerations for brands looking to optimize their ad spend. Barriers include:

  • Fragmentation & Walled Gardens: Retailers – not brands — own the data, and they provide limited access with high walls
  • Proliferation of Platforms & Ad Types: Each retailer uses multiple platforms for different ad types with little overlap and varying distinctions
  • Disparate Measurement: Different methodologies are used within siloed, closed loop systems, with limited view of incrementality

KINESSO Commerce Solutions

We unify teams, processes, data and technology to help brands overcome this fragmented and disparate commerce landscape.

At our core is the Unified Retail Media Solution that enables brands to intelligently manage their investment performance across all Retail Media Networks– one of the fastest growing advertising channels.

KINESSO Commerce also offers solutions that focus on strategy, implementation and consultancy, including services like Retail Readiness, Retail Content, Retail SEO and Shopper Marketing to further optimize your profitability. And our Advanced Analytics and Unified Intelligence act as the foundation.

What Makes Us Different

  • Unification is our mantra: We unify teams, processes, data and technology for a commerce approach that overcomes the fragmented and disparate commerce landscape.
  • We move at the speed of retail: We harness the power of tech and AI for quicker, smarter decision making that drives your desired business outcomes while leveraging the world’s best partners to provide you with bespoke and best-in-class solutions.
  • We think beyond media: We think beyond media to invest time, money and resources in the right places, driving total commerce excellence.

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Our dedicated team includes specialists in Retail Media, Retail Content, Direct to Consumer and Commerce as well as commerce consultancy. This wealth of experience helps us drive crucial profitability for your brand.

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Our Commerce Family

In addition to providing comprehensive retail and wider commerce solutions to our clients, as part of the KINESSO family, we’re proud to work alongside our industry-leading partner agencies – UM, Initiative, and Mediahub, as well as leveraging additional world-class KINESSO resources, including Acxiom, to deliver customer-centric commerce solutions to clients.

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