Unified Retail Media Solution

Retail Media is considered the third wave of digital advertising. It gives brands the ability to advertise across a range of networks, but the walled garden approach makes comparing like-for-like network performance difficult. Our one-stop retail solution is designed to help brands navigate this fast-growing new medium and bring openness and trust to the typically closed world of Retail Media.

Driving Incremental Sales From Your Media

Dedicated retail experts will demystify the Retail Media space for your brand, offering a unified solution that drives incremental growth for your investment. By harmonizing audiences and retailer data, we help you optimize across retailers and drive profitable Retail Media sales. Our solution unifies everything from strategy through measurement to drive your business objectives:

  • Strategy: Understand the key levers of your brand growth.
  • Audiences: We bring together disparate retailer audience taxonomies, then standardize audience definitions across retailers. These are AI-powered and auto-generated, to achieve unified targeting at scale.
  • Planning: Cross-retailer and multi-channel, we make intelligence-led budgeting decisions that work within the constraints of Joint Business Plans.
  • Activation: Our proprietary optimization toolset enables us to activate and optimize down to the SKU level as close to real time as possible, so you can react rapidly to performance, market and competitive signals.
  • Measurement: Data is extracted from all retailer platforms and harmonized at a SKU level. This gives us true, unique insights that can feed into planning and optimization process to drive incremental returns.

Talent That Drives Tactical Outperformance

From media networks and marketplace management to Amazon commerce, we’ve built a deep bench of talent, with vast experience across multiple disciplines, categories, and brands.

  • Audience-building Tactics
  • Retailer-agnostic Activation
  • Hands-on Keyboard Optimization
  • Discount Rate Negotiation
  • Competitive Insight Tracking

We Deliver Extensive Channel Expertise

We use our media channel expertise to grow your revenue and guide retailers into new areas to drive more value.

  • Advertising and Paid Search.
  • Demand Side Platform (DSP) Display.
  • Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) Services.
  • Custom Analytics.

Proven Success

For a major toy brand, we created a full-funnel eCommerce strategy with fluid funding. This project fueled consistent growth before and during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • $50MM increase in eCommerce media-driven sales
  • +30% estimated increase in ad revenue per campaign
  • 70+ total executed eCommerce programs

Retail Content

Brands spend millions driving traffic to shoppable destinations such as Product Description Pages or Brand Stores. But too often the experience and content at those destinations is largely ignored despite the potential to significantly increase conversion. With dedicated commerce experience & content teams globally, we can help.

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Our dedicated team includes specialists from the retail world and leading global marketplaces. This wealth of commerce experience helps us drive crucial profitability for your brand.

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