Retail Media Services

The eCommerce media space has grown rapidly over the past five years with new retailer opportunities appearing every day. As a group of agile eCommerce experts with a wealth of media experience, KINESSO Commerce can deliver complete Retail Media activation, from search to offline media. Our holistic approach will help you take advantage of all valuable opportunities while understanding where to invest your next dollar with closed loop measurement and analytics.

Demand Side Platform (DSP) Display

Retailer display networks offer exclusive access to their first-party customer data and onsite/offsite ad inventory.

This gold mine of data helps brands effectively target millions of customers based on their interests, intent and shopping behaviors.

But almost every retailer offers something different – from managed service to self-service, and endemic (advertising placements that are directly linked to the market) to non-endemic eligibility.

Some are even capable of uploading a brand’s first-party data.

We can steer you through this complex environment with our Unified Retail Media Solution and our deep experience of activating on established platforms.

What’s more, we’re a beta partner for emerging self-service platforms, like Walmart Connect’s Trade Desk.

Finally, we help brands understand the value of Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform), Roundel, and other emerging retailer platforms when it comes to finding new customers.

Social Commerce

Retailer data can be leveraged to reach high intent or relevant users when they are browsing across social media platforms, with both online and offline sales attributed back to social ad impressions.

We develop social commerce plans with test-and-learn agendas at their core, to ensure that you can understand your sales uplift and incremental return through social media investment.

Where possible, this also incorporates shoppable ad formats to maximize the return from your social media ad spend.

Over-The-Topp (OTT) & Connected TV (CTV) Services

Understanding the value of upper-funnel media has never been so important. As more brands focus on full-funnel strategies, it holds the key to connecting with new customers.

KINESSO Commerce can help you explore the full customer journey and unlock the true value of OTT when it comes to awareness and how ads influence purchases.

As Amazon and other eCommerce giants create in-platform purchase opportunities, we can push you to the front of the line so you stay ahead of the competition.

Custom Analytics

Our Unified Retail Media Platform will quickly deliver valuable insights to your brand. Thanks to our proprietary reporting solution, we offer a holistic view across all media platforms, including Retail Media network post-campaign reports.

Media Partnerships

Media partnerships with channels are serving up global eCommerce opportunities. Our specialist team creates detailed briefs to help brands confidently evaluate each media plan. We help target valuable audiences and achieve campaign goals.

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Our dedicated team includes specialists from the retail world and leading global marketplaces. This wealth of commerce experience helps us drive crucial profitability for your brand.

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