DTC Search Marketing: SEO & SEM (Paid Search)

Maximizing web traffic to your DTC site presents a number of challenges. Paid search can drive instant traffic, but it can be expensive. Search engine optimization (SEO) traffic tends to cost less, but it can be unreliable. To get the best results, many brands use a combination of both.

Maximizing Your Returns

Because it’s critical that they work in unison, we don’t treat paid search and SEO as separate channels. KINESSO Commerce, powered by the performance marketing expertise of KINESSO, can help maximize your DTC returns throughout the customer journey.

We will:

  • Identify your target customers.
  • Drive relevant traffic to your site.
  • Ensure that traffic converts and continues to engage after that initial conversion.
  • Help with profitability by working with your retail operations team.


DTC Paid Search

The good news about paid search is that it’s relatively simple. This makes sense, as Google and other search platforms don’t want to place barriers to entry.

However, to do paid search well and generate excellent return on ad spend (ROAS) on a consistent basis, it takes the right combination of highly skilled people and cutting-edge tech.

At KINESSO Commerce, we have both.

  • We’re a Google Premier Partner (globally) and have hands on experience with Yandex, Baidu, Naver and any other search engine you may wish to work with.
  • We invest in training, both external and bespoke in-house certifications, to ensure we remain at the cutting edge.
  • We leverage the best third-party tools and combine them with our proprietary tools to ensure a best-in-class service.


The fundamental building blocks for good SEO are relatively simple. You need a sound technical site structure, excellent onsite content and an offsite marketing/PR plan that helps create high quality links and citations.

However, while the concept is simple enough, most brands struggle to execute it.

We’ve helped some of the world’s largest brands generate huge returns from SERP page one and in many cases, position one.

Our success comes from having the right blend of essential assets:

  • Technical SEO expertise.
  • World class proprietary tools.
  • Content resource that truly understands the discipline.
  • PR/Outreach team that can generate the quality links and citations modern search engine need.

So, whether you need an SEO health check, a backlink audit, detailed keyword research, an organic search landscape review or a world class global SEO agency team, we have both the tools and talent to deliver.

Balancing Paid Search & SEO

Our proprietary Equilibrium tool takes the guesswork out of balancing between paid and organic search results.

It automatically tracks in real-time and adjusts bids to ensure you only serve and ad when you need to.

This reduces accidental cannibalization and maximizes overall coverage across the funnel, taking into account priority keyword clusters for your primary audiences.

Global Search Marketing Agency

Our search marketing capability is truly global, with centers of excellence in all regions and deep expertise in all major markets. If you need a truly enterprise search agency, please do get in touch.

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KINESSO Commerce can help maximize your DTC returns throughout the customer journey, from identifying who your target customers are, driving relevant traffic to your site, ensuring that traffic converts and continues to engage after that initial conversion and even helping with profitability by working with your retail operations team.

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