Retail Strategy

We work as a seamless extension of your digital commerce team, creating a custom plan for your specific needs – from the overarching strategy to specifics on individual products. Reduce out-of-stock items and distressed inventory with the help of accurate forecasts, then reach beyond your annual targets with a holistic plan covering trade, operations, promotions, media, retail excellence and growth drivers.

Catalog & Channel Strategies

Catalog Strategy

Improve your product lifecycle planning and reach item-level goals by running concurrent retail trade and media plans at the same time. Make the most of conversion opportunities with our unified digital commerce approach.

Channel Strategy

We work with you to determine the best-fit products for each retailer, to meet different consumer needs based on the class of trade – club, convenience, or mass. We help to capture consumers in the moment, as they search across multiple channels and retailers.

Vendor Negotiations & JBPs

A joint business plan (JBP) keeps vendors and suppliers on the same page with shared financial goals. Our expertise in omnichannel commerce JBPs helps deliver win-win category growth and effective profitability plans with retail partners. Discover where to pivot investments with retailers to maximize their marketing and reach.

CRM & Demand Generation

Customers are hard to win. So ensuring their experience is well-managed from day one is crucial. KINESSO Commerce can help you select the right customer relationship management (CRM) system, choose best practices to maximize lead to conversion metrics, and create highly effective customer nurture programs.

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Our dedicated team includes specialists from the retail world and leading global marketplaces. This wealth of commerce experience helps us drive crucial profitability for your brand.

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