DTC eCRM & Demand Generation

Brands spend millions driving customers to their websites, but many still make basic errors marketing to their prospects and customers once they have been acquired. One of the biggest challenges DTC organizations face is implementing a logical and engaging communications strategy for customers as they move through the buying life cycle. With legacy systems and approaches that may no longer work with their new DTC customer base, it can be challenging to offer a seamless experience at every step of the customer journey. Especially whilst building a strong value proposition for new customers that ensures a long-lasting relationship and adopting lead acquisition strategies that provide an engine for growth.

We Offer Bespoke Solutions

At KINESSO Commerce we provide a comprehensive set of demand generation and eCRM services including:

  • eCRM set-up and enhancement.
  • lead generation.
  • marketing and sales nurture.
  • automation management.

We are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands across a wide range of industries. KINESSO Commerce offers bespoke solutions, working with our clients to define their requirements and complement their existing resources.

Crucially, we are not tied to certain providers either, and have experience with all the leading CRM solutions, including:

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • Microsoft Dynamics




The integration of eCRM within eCommerce platforms is crucial for DTC organizations. Done well, the link between the store and customer will feel seamless. However, if done badly, it can harm the relationships, or even end them.

At KINESSO Commerce, eCRM is an integral part of the overall commerce solution.

When implemented correctly it should:

  • save time.
  • promote – not hinder – correspondence.
  • streamline the buying cycle.
  • help build customer relationships.
  • improve customer service.
  • increase sales and ultimately, profitability.

Our eCRM approach is an end-to-end service framework that enables brands to integrate their eCommerce capability and leverage best in class eCRM tools to build scaled cross-channel and personalized digital marketing campaigns.

DTC Data Capture

Given the depreciation, and eventual elimination, of third-party cookies, DTC organizations will face significant impact on all existing digital marketing activities.

It is therefore essential for all brands to place first party data at the foundation of their digital strategy to drive direct customer engagement and acquisition. This requires building processes and solutions for capturing direct data and enabling governance for managing privacy and preferences, enhanced audience segmentation, multichannel activation and customer personalization.

Our approach to eCRM puts the capture of direct customer data at the heart of a go-to-market strategy. We use first party data as a durable foundation for enriching customer insights, as well as: developing remarketing and nurture strategies, enabling direct customer data segmentation and consent and preference management for multi-channel marketing.

By enhancing direct data with second- and third-party data, we help DTC organizations accelerate their eCRM to understand customer intent and value, as well as create targeted and personalized campaigns through multi-channel integration.

DTC Lead Generation Campaigns

The trend towards DTC is in part driven by the desire for brands to own and control their own data, since it provides an addressable audience for owned channels to communicate with. Linked to this, many brands want to expand the size of their first party database and are therefore increasing, or trying out for the first-time, lead generation campaigns.

When backing their lead generation strategies with an effective and relevant value proposition, brands give customers a reason to shop with them direct, ultimately building solid customer relationships and increasing lifetime value.

At KINESSO Commerce, we identify how to move audiences from discovery through to a lead, and then customer, by eliminating frictions across each touchpoint and by mapping customer journeys for each of their High Value Audience (HVA) profiles. Our rich experience in commerce allows us to benchmark your value proposition against the competition and advise on the optimal approach to maximize results.

We bring together media with content strategy, CRO and organic optimization, which allows us to deliver best-in-class experiences for customers that encourage them to shop direct.

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KINESSO Commerce can help maximize your DTC returns throughout the customer journey, from identifying who your target customers are, driving relevant traffic to your site, ensuring that traffic converts and continues to engage after that initial conversion and even helping with profitability by working with your retail operations team.

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