Retail Content

To truly be “retail ready”, brands must prioritize retail content. While Retail Media can drive traffic, retail content drives conversion. At KINESSO Commerce, we blend insights data with creative excellence to produce commerce content that not only looks great, it truly performs.

We apply our Fluid Retail Content framework to ensure the content will:

  • Immerse the reader with a high-quality brand and user experience
  • Adapt to the medium for which it is created (factoring in SEO keyword optimization, for example)
  • Move the user towards conversion by leveraging sales data insights and embedded conversion rate optimization (CRO)

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PDP Optimization

Brands often think about how to increase traffic to their Product Detail Pages (PDPs) rather than focusing on converting the traffic they already have. This can lead to inefficiency, poor customer experiences, and an over-reliance on paid media. By optimizing PDPs, it’s possible to improve marketplace rankings, boost conversion rates, and ultimately increase sales.

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Brand Stores

Brand stores can be an effective way to build confidence in a brand’s audience. Many people will visit brand stores to explore their full range of products, so treating the brand store as a catalog can help shoppers explore quickly and easily. It’s vital the store is reflective of your brand tone of voice, presents a high-quality user experience, and makes shopping easy and seamless.

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Our dedicated team includes specialists from the retail world and leading global marketplaces. This wealth of commerce experience helps us drive crucial profitability for your brand.

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