DTC & Social Commerce

Social media has long provided a platform for brand and product discovery, through:

  • advertising
  • organic posts
  • peer to peer sharing

However, with the rise of social commerce, brands can turn engaged communities into customers by leveraging seamless shoppable tactics. In this way, a robust social commerce strategy can enhance the performance of your DTC site by providing an additional route to purchase, via your social media shop or owned website.

Reach Consumers in the Places That Matter

While social commerce continues to gain traction across all demographics, it is of particular relevance for brands looking to gain a foothold with Millennial and Generation Z audiences, for whom social media is an integral part of their everyday lives.

For brands embarking on a DTC-first journey, it is critical to understand how you can engage with customers on social channels, potentially selling to them there first, before bringing them into your ecosystem.


DTC & Social Commerce Media

Brands must reach new high value audiences to drive DTC growth. KINESSO Commerce’s overarching approach to social media is to be audience-centric. We identify shopping and behavioral signals for your growth audiences which allow us to build out precise targeting, whilst also sizing and prioritizing your audience segments based on their potential value to your business. For this reason, we are platform agonistic – we build a bespoke media mix for each brand based on suitability for your audience and business goals.

KINESSO Commerce is also at the forefront of new shoppable ad formats – fueled by our close partner relationships at a global and local level. Our expert teams work closely with all major and emerging social platforms including:

  • Meta
  •  Snap
  • Douyin
  • Tiktok
  • X
  • Pinterest

This ensures our clients are adopting a test and learn approach to new formats, and it also means we are maximizing both media efficiency and audience expansion opportunities.

Social Media Shop and Catalog Optimization

Most social media platforms now offer shopping solutions within the platform, so customers can complete their purchase journey without leaving. This is a well-established practice in markets like China, and we’re slowly seeing the trend take off in the West. Shops provide an additional avenue for potential customers to explore and evaluate your products.

This means they are a vital tool in ensuring your customers choose to shop direct, rather than via a competitor or reseller. Our experienced teams can help build your social shops and consult on retail operations, as well as optimize performance, crucially mirroring the content and experience of your DTC website.

However, shopping experiences are ultimately driven by your product catalog. We therefore have our own proprietary feed management technology, bGenius, to enrich everything from product imagery to product data.

DTC & Influencers for Consideration and Purchase

For DTC brands looking to drive consideration, influencer marketing can help to boost credibility and trust amongst social media communities. Utilizing our proprietary database and third-party tools, we can assess the quality and quantity of a brands’ influencer selection.

This allows us to build new, bespoke influencers strategies that better align with your high value audiences and business goals.  But we also align influencers to performance marketing tactics, which drives revenue.

Whether through paid media amplification with shoppable overlays, or via tagged products, we connect influencer community building to your product pages to drive a frictionless commerce journey.

Social Commerce Measurement & Analytics

For success in social commerce, brands need to be able to track and optimize performance through to revenue. But with an ever-evolving privacy landscape, it is becoming increasingly challenging for DTC brands to understand the value of every dollar spent through social.

KINESSO Commerce builds robust tagging and measurement frameworks that allow you to track journeys from impression through to revenue in a way that does not just meet the bar for privacy, but sets the standard. This enables us to identify frictions and opportunities that feed into our optimization approach, driving growth and efficiency for your DTC business.

Ways We Work With Clients


Managed Services

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Our DTC Agency Services

KINESSO Commerce can help maximize your DTC returns throughout the customer journey, from identifying who your target customers are, driving relevant traffic to your site, ensuring that traffic converts and continues to engage after that initial conversion and even helping with profitability by working with your retail operations team.

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