Tools for DTC

To drive DTC growth, brands need to create customer flow from discovery through to purchase. Our DTC tools facilitate frictionless journeys by assessing, driving, and measuring customer flow. These tool kits bring together best-in-class third-party and proprietary tools.

Content Audit

KINESSO Commerce offers a robust module on Content. Content is vital to DTC growth and is a crucial factor in attracting customers, engaging with your brand, and eliminating friction along the journey.


The audit looks at 3 key factors:

  • Is the content immersive? Ensure your content is designed to fully engage your audience segments and fully equipped to resonate with them, providing a best-in-class DTC experience that encourages customers to buy direct.
  • Is the content optimized for SEO? Ensure that home pages, category pages, and even PDPs are well-optimized to rank for important keywords.
  • Does the content move shoppers along the journey? Create a customer flow by pulling the user toward the point of conversion.


Growing a DTC brand will require media investment across a broad range of channels and platforms to ensure you are present in the key moments throughout a user journey. However, no budget is infinite.

It’s important to be smart about where marketing dollars are allocated, and that’s where Balance comes in.

Balance ingests data such as historical metrics, spend, company profile, and external data signals. Using contextual AI, it serves as a performance planning tool, making ROI predictions for changes in your marketing mix. Balance is also able to produce regular attribution reports and fuel performance optimization.

As a result, our media teams can make your budget work harder, optimizing your plans to generate maximum ROI. Outside of our proprietary tools, we also work with market-leading third-party technology and partners. For DTC, our partnerships include GMC, Adobe, Google, Bing, Meta and TikTok.

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